Open dagen

IN2SAI open dagen hebben als doelstelling om wetenschap en industrie dichterbij de maatschappij te brengen door presentaties, workshops, sprekers en andere activiteiten.

Title: Open dagen
Dates: 21-07-2015 and 22-07-2015

IN2SAI Open Days are events that support the project’s Work Package 4 on community outreach. They aim at bringing science and industry closer to women in science and aerospace through demonstrations, workshops, speakers, and other activities. Community actors (from schools, universities, industry, public authorities, etc.)  are invited to participate in the local events.

The target audience for the events on 21 and 22 July 2015 included: international conference participants from academia and industry in the fields of science and aerospace, the aerospace community, University staff and students, and public authorities.

The events on these two days focused on the reasons for low female participation in science in general, and the Aeronautic Industry (AI) in particular. They also were designed to promote women’s participation in those. They took place alongside two international conferences: the 5th International Air Transport and Operation Symposium (CATO2015) and the 22nd ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering (CE2015). The IN2SAI presence was intended to attract the attention of the conference participants internationally, and to make the low female participation in science fields (especially the AI) visible to the attendees.

An IN2SAI stand was placed in the conference exhibition hall for the two days. It  contained the following supporting materials: a poster, two videos projected on a screen, brochures about the project, the project’s case study report, and online access to the project’s Website and Facebook page. An IN2SAI reception table was arranged beside the stand, where the conference participants were able to have discussions and consult with the IN2SAI team members from TU Delft.

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